Our objective is to prepare the young students to understand and gain expertise in product management domain. We offer two types of courses - Exhaustive product management course for 3 months & modular courses on specific Product management areas. This is to keep in mind the needs of individual students.

3 Months Product Management Course - Rs 40000 only

This course will contain live classes on the multiple concepts and the students will gain on the following:

  • What is product management

  • Product Goals and Product Success Matrices

  • Empathizing with the users

  • Identification of problems

  • Problem Refinement

  • Solution Exploration

  • Product Roadmap and Product Strategy

  • Product Priortization

  • Minimum Viable product definition 

  • BRD and PRDs

  • Product development landscape

  • Product launch

  • Post launch product matrices measurement

  • Stakeholder management

Brief Break up of the courses are:


Week 1: What is product management? Different Types of Product manager. How is product management perceived in different companies?


Week 2: Problem Definition and Ideation framework, Market / Opportunity Sizing, Defining what and Whys.

Week 3:  Customer Research, User Personas, Design Thinking, Design Tools, Functional Mapping, Prototyping.

Week 4: Defining Product Goals and Product Success Matrices.

Week 5: Defining product Roadmap, Product Strategy & Product Prioritisation

Week 6: Defining MVP and its success guidelines

Week 7: Understanding the BRDs and PRDs and writing effective documents as PM.

Week 8:  Understanding product development lifecycle.

Week 9: Product Launch Strategy and Product Launch

Week 10: Post Product Launch activities.

Week 11 - Mocks PM interviews

Week 12 - Mock PM interviews.